Karen likes doing what she feels she is well qualified to do:  dog training and providing quality care for pets.
A local veterinarian told Karen this week, June of 2009, that when she, the veterinarian, reincarnated she absolutely wanted to come back as one of Karen's pets as she greatly admired Karen's dedication to her animal family.  Karen applys the same dedication to the care of her clients pets as she does to her own fur kids.
Karen has been involved in animals professionally most of her adult life:  dog trainer,, horse trainer, breeding dogs on a very  limited basis, goat breeder and exhibitor for a number of years.  As well as these, they have had a variety of other pets including snakes, mice, rats, always multiple cats, birds and sheep for over 30 years.
Insured with Pet Sitter Associates, LLC and licensed with the city of Atascadero, Karen offeres her clients reliable, experienced, knowledgeable care of their pets and home while they are away.  Her advertising is primarily referrals from her customers as she prefers to deal with clients that care about their animals as members of their family.
After moving to Atascadero from Santa Barbara in 1977, Karen and Jim have been business owners in Atascadero since 1980 with Clanin's Auto Service which is still in business, Family Photo which was open for 10 years, and Critter Care by Karen Clanin.
Karen covers from Santa Margarita to Paso Robles in her visits, the fee varies according to the distance and time required to care for clients pets.
Karen also picks up clients mail and newspaper, watering as necessary and other things that need to be done to insure her clients have a worry free time away from home.
If you would like to schedule a new client meeting with Karen give her a call (there is an answering machine) at 805-466-3775 or email her at .... kclanin at